Unleash Your Creativity: Workshop

In this workshop, Kristen is going to help you to unleash your creativity!

To do the exercises during the workshop you will want to have some sort of coloring implements of your choice (crayons, markers, pencils–it's up to you) and some blank sheets of paper. It's time to get creative!

You'll also want to have the Right Brain Schedule from the Resource Handouts below printed out and with you as well.

There are 3 main modules plus a number of bonus videos:

  1. Session 1: The Power of Play
  2. Session 2: Your Creative Mindset
  3. Session 3: Weird Creativity Hacks
  4. Wrapping Up & Next Steps
  5. My Book Mastermind Session on Unleashing Creativity
  6. Tony Laidig's Creative Mindstorms