How to Create a Virtual Book Tour

In this Authorpreneur Mastery course, Kristen walks us through how to easily create an awesome (and fun!) virtual book tour for our books.

There are five modules in this course:

  1. Module 1: Construct Your Platform
    • What is a virtual book tour?
    • How to decide on a tour length that won’t eat into your already busy life.
    • The various places to tour and how to find them.
    • Identify and structure your tour schedule.
    • The essential foundational pieces you MUST have in place before your tour.
  2. Module 2: Train Your Research Muscles
    • How to construct your multi-use Media Kit.
    • Media Kit LIVE DEMO!
    • Beginning research…
    • LIVE DEMO to dig deep and find the perfect promotional places!
  3. Module 3:…2…1…Contact!
    • How to make sure your target promoters also reach your target audience.
    • How to approach bloggers, podcasters, interviewers…
    • Exactly what to say to get booked.
    • Put together your tour bonus package(s).
    • When to give your book away and when not to.
  4. Module 4: Liftoff!
    • What to do throughout the book tour event.
    • How to structure your time to keep up with comments, feedback and interaction with your audience.
    • The power of combining your tour with a book launch party.
  5. Module 5: Orbital Momentum
    • How to get asked back for more appearances.
    • How to rinse and repeat your existing tour over and over again.
    • Ways to ramp up your tour to new heights.
    • When to consider hiring a virtual book tour firm or author assistant.