Weird & Wacky Ways to Market Your Book

In this Authorpreneur Mastery course, Kristen is going to cover the wacky foundations of creating a weird marketing blueprint.

This course is broken into 3 primary sessions, along with a preview session that sets up the basics of the course and a bonus session for covering some unique types of books and to answer questions.

Specifically, we cover:

  1. Preview Session: Wacky Foundations Create a Weird Blueprint for Your Book
    • What’s a marketing blueprint? (The what, the why and the how of thinking about your marketing blueprint.)
    • Why does “weird” matter? (What’s the point?)
    • What may keep you from “going weird.”
    • The #1 FACT you must remember.
    • 5 big successful weird and wacky marketing campaigns… that worked!
  2. Session 1: Why Weirdness Matters…Wacky Marketing for both Non-Fiction and Fiction
    • Why weirdness matters… a quick review.
    • How to approach celebrity reviewers… and get them to pay attention.
    • The most powerful fan-run word-of-mouth marketing strategy in existence.
    • LIVE DEMO: Non-boring ISBNs!
  3. Session 2: Wacky Non-Fiction Marketing
    • That celebrity secret… for non-fiction.
    • How to break the rules… and get publicity.
    • The power of charity alignment…
    • How to create and use “different” video.
    • Utilize controversy… to your income advantage.
    • Out-of-the-box speaking stratgegies…
  4. Session 3: Weird and Fun Fiction Marketing
    • That celebrity secret… for fiction.
    • The power of fiction-based video.
    • Over 20 unusual venues to sell your book.
    • Unique giveaways to drive traffic to your site and book.
    • Fun opt-ins to build your list… for fiction.
    • Additional fun stuff to sell… along with your book!
  5. (Bonus) Session 4: Specialty Books, Kids Books, Unique Approaches, Q&A, and More!
    • Unique approaches…
    • How to get and keep people’s attention.
    • Specialty book marketing… including opt-ins, marketing giveaways, and more!
    • Q&A time!