Authors Guide to Copyright (2016)

Please Note: This training is from 2016. Click here for an updated training on copyright, which includes not just personal copyright but also the use of other's materials and artificial intelligence.

We are frequently asked about copyright, so we created this training based on the most common questions that come our way.

In this training, you will learn:

  • What is copyright?
  • What is protected by copyright, and what isn't?
  • Can you copyright a character or world?
  • What is the © copyright notice?
  • When should you register your copyright?
  • Does it matter if your work is published or not?
  • Who can register a copyright?
  • How do you handle multiple creators?
  • (and, most often:) Should I bother to register a copyright?

We will answer those questions and more in this training, as well as walking through Blaine's Copyright Registration Flowchart, which helps you determine whether it makes sense to bother to register your copyright or not, and when to do so.

Training #116