12 Video Secrets for Facebook Live Success

We all want to grow our Facebook Author Page.

We want more followers, and while ads are an option, it's not always the best one.

In the hierarchy of most engaging Facebook content, the list goes like this (from least to most engaging):

  • Text-only statements
  • Text-only questions
  • Text with those backgrounds Facebook provides now
  • Images by themselves
  • Images with text statements
  • Images with text questions
  • Shared video
  • Original video

Video in general receives over 8 billion daily views on Facebook, and has a 135% greater organic reach as compared to image posts. It’s the real deal, as any Facebook marketing expert will tell you. Live video gets watched on average 3x longer than pre-recorded videos, and sees similarly greater engagement across the board. 

Live video is an incredibly powerful tool for authors like you to get people interested in, engaging with, and following your work. 

If you do it right. 

Here’s 12 ways to do it right. 

Image by StockSnap.