Training #348 – Thanksgiving Hot Seats

The day before Thanksgiving didn't discourage people from showing up and asking us a lot of questions in this Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything session!

We covered a lot of ground, including:

  • Alison McLean's questions about when to raise the price for your book after your launch, getting author copies, and ISBNs.
  • Ann Pashak's second hot seat for her children's book.
  • Alison McLean's hot seat for her next children's Christmas Angel book and font choices.
  • Marlene Hibbard's question about whether her cover designer should put her title on the cover or leave space for her to add it herself.
  • Jan Sims' question about when the best time to launch a Christmas book is.
  • Dr. Shree Vaidya's question about how to choose an appropriate font.
  • Ann Pashak's question about how embedding a font would impact a book's file size.
  • Lauren Daniel's hot seat for her new children's Christmas book.
  • Jan Ziff's question about optimizing her description for making sales.
  • Matt Wilson's hot seat for the Look Inside of his children's book.
  • Hilary Davis's question about how to manage a series when translating books.
  • Edwin Washington's question about choosing the right age group for a children's book.
  • Jan Ziff's question about click through rates and budgets for Amazon Advertising.
  • Faith Nelson's hot seat for her non-fiction poetry book.
  • Wendy Tarasoff's question about how much it costs to advertise a book.
  • Blaine also demonstrated his process for reducing image size for children's books and answered some questions related to that for the last 20 or 30 minutes.

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto.