Training #370 – Ask Us Anything

We started today's Ask us Anything session by highlighting some great customer results!

Bevan Frank's cat book, Luisa Abel's children's imagination book, and Jolas Wittler's children's animal zoo book all hit #1 new release in their target categories!

We also answered questions about:

  • Sean McBriarty's question about the viability of writing a book about adoption geared towards young children and doing competitive research.
  • Janet Bruno's question about best practices for “Beginning with the End in Mind”.
  • Revisiting Arno Lukas's hot seat for his children's dog book (which we covered in Training #366's hot seats.) We also covered renaming your book with different branding and the dangers of being too close to another person's trademarks.
  • Mellanie Narinesingh's question about whether there are any checklists for publishing children's books.
  • Belinda Bush's questions about whether a trademark should be applied for before publishing a series. We also discussed copyright.
  • Joanna Trelawny's question about advertising her book now that it has 50 reviews.
  • Janice Garey's question about which bonuses to start with to complement the Children's Book Formula training with.
  • Cecilia Simonis's questions about writing and submitting to Amazon using an iPad Pro.
  • Colleen Driscoll's question about when to get an ISBN.
  • Sean McBriarty's question about how to launch a series of books.
  • Steven Cohen's question about how to make photos look illustrated.
  • Cecilia Simonis's question about whether there is research on which age group sells best for children's books.
  • Janice Garey's question about using camera photos for children's books.
  • Belinda Bush's questions about whether to sell her books as her existing business and/or to use a pen name.
  • Janet Bruno's question about whether it makes sense to write books targeted to kids and then to followup with the parents to sell them related adult-oriented books.