Training #366 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

In this training, we covered:

  • Blaine's observation of a new type of advertisement on Kindle Lock Screens that promotes other books in the series you are reading (whether it's a paid ad or just Amazon testing a new way of making recommendations is unclear, but probably the latter.)
  • Sandra Gonyier's question about what lock screen ads on Kindle devices.
  • Faith Nelson's question about whether “Based on Your Reading” category suggestions are paid advertisements or not in the Kindle App.
  • Joanna Trelawny's hot seat for her children's book and ways to improve her subtitle.
  • M.J. Evans's shoutout for her children's book making it to #1 in 2 different categories this week.
  • Phyllis Koch-Sheras's question about how to add a free coloring book into your book.
  • Sandra Gonyier's question about where to put the series name of your book.
  • Luisa Abela's hot seat for her #1 New Release in the Children's Historical Action & Adventure category.
  • Sandra Gonyier's question about whether you can update the manuscript for a paperback after it's been published to add a free offer if you didn't include one initially.
  • Faith Nelson's question about inexpensive methods for recording and producing free audiobooks to give away with your book.
  • Donnita Parker's question about printing books with a 2-page spread and how they'll look in paperback.
  • KC Carr's question about how old a review can be to still be worth contacting the reviewer.
  • Arno Lukas's hot seat for his children's animal humor book and making it more obvious to the correct target audience.
  • Phyllis Koch-Sheras's hot seat for the cover design for her children's book.
  • Kai Yap's question about the viability for bilingual picture books for early readers.