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Right around Christmas in 2019, we were spent a little time at the beginning of our hot seats session (training #300) walking through our relatively new Apex Authors website.

If you'd like a short (less than 10 minute) introduction about what you can find and where to find it, this is where to begin. We have added quite a few new features since then, but it gives a great overview.


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This is the brand new Apex Authors members area. We updated this actually. Yeah. I should say, Blaine updated this single handedly this year, and what our intent was, was to design this in a way where it's easy for you to locate stuff.

And we thought that this was a cool interface. I was going for sort of a Netflix style, a display here with some titles of general categories of content and resources. And then you can scroll through and actually see more resources. Here's the live trainings.

We have live trainings, as I said, going back, this is our 300th episode. So, we have quite a lot of content in there. And one thing before Ishow you some specific categories of content. One thing I want to point out to you is that, if you're here and you know what you're looking for and you're looking for specific information, say on a book launch, Blaine has spent quite a bit of time going through all of the content as he's added it to this new members area and actually tagging that content with keywords that that he thinks are going to be relevant for the training.

And so if you are searching for information on maybe a book launch, if you type in book launch into this search bar and click the answer button. It will come up with all of the content and training that we have that we've tagged related to book launches. Here's your complete 30 day book launch checklist.

An entire dedicated training session on book launches. Here's a case study of a children's book author of ours, and he had fantastic success with his book launch. And he did it in a way that I've never tried. He launched it locally. We actually have this added to the Children's Book Formula bonus tab as well, just cause it was so good.

But in any case, that's if you're looking for a specific topic or specific information, I recommend that you click on this little magnifying glass icon and search for it by keyword because you're likely to find targeted results very quickly in this way. Makes sense. Okay, cool. Let me head back over to the dashboard and I know that there's lots of folks just starting out that are brand new Apex Authors members who are sort of starting from square one and they've never published anything before, but they're excited to get started and they don't know exactly where to go to do that.

I recommend that you start in the 30 day Kindle Blueprint training, and I'll just open that up here quickly. And this is a really a unique and valuable training. I actually partnered with Kristin Joy with this training here. It is arranged in a kind of an interesting way that I think it actually adds value.

There's four weeks as we said, this is the 30 day Kindle publishing challenge, meaning that yes, you can absolutely go from start to finish and get your very first book up and published in 30 days or less, even if you've never done it before, simply by following this training and it's arranged. We can see here horizontally by week.

There's week one, week two, week three and week four. And I think it's also interesting to note that, it is divided up into three general categories or topics, writing, publishing and marketing. And they are arranged, in this case, vertically. So if you're just starting out, I recommend that you start out in week one and just go through the writing and publishing marketing from left to right.

And maybe if you already have your book published, it is certainly worthwhile to check out. And you're just looking for tips on, on how to sell more books, you might want to go from top to bottom in this marketing column here, week one, week two, week three, week four. So lots of different options for you here.

And we have lots of goodies as well. If you scroll down below, in this case, the week one writing training, you can see a lot. I think we have dozen, almost three or four dozen worksheets related to the each one of these trainings. In this case, we've got the brain dump worksheet, the mind map worksheet, a content checklist, re-purposing checklist, et cetera.

So if you're just starting out again, I recommend that this is where you go. Go to the 30 day Kindle blueprint training, which is from the homepage. It's under this getting started tab, and it's sort of the first one lined up here. Now this may change; some of these categories may move up or down from week to week based upon some of the stuff that we are actually adding.

But just scroll down. And you'll see, you will see it loaded up here. Okay? Here's the special reports. We add one or two every single week. We've got a Tony Laidig, I don't know if you know Tony Laidig. He is the founder of the Expert Media Show, and we've actually licensed, we've worked out an agreement with Tony to add 20 shows.

So these are 20, 60 minute shows on a dedicated topics like a book trailers or, a book layout for print books, et cetera. Book marketing as I am. As I'm scrolling back up here, I'm noticing some of these categories we have, we also have the New Shelbes Books ladies, Amy and Keri come on. They are, they are the, some of the most knowledgeable book promotion and marketing people that I know in the industry.

And we are fortunate to have them come on once a month for a dedicated training. On a stuff like authors, communities pro promoting your book and, and building a, building your platform with author communities. We have the Book Ninja Academy, and we keep adding content. Again, this is, this is content that we have.

We have partnered with the Book Ninja herself, Kristin Joy. And we have almost 50 of them that we are adding, I think every other week we're adding a brand new course for you, including the five minute double your, Five minute miracle to double your your book business, how to design a book cover that sells, et cetera.

The one hour, three month book marketing plan, lots of great stuff for you. You're going to find the recordings of live trainings just like just like this one in the most recent live trainings category, and of course getting started here. The author software. Here's the book rocket system. If you're a, if that was a, one of the reasons why you joined Apex Authors, this is where you find it.

And you can actually click through. Let me open up this page here, and I think we have eight apps available to you. The research cover, listing, formatting, keyword review, ranking, and production rocket. Again, here inside the author software tab, we have tons of bonus goodies. We have so much content in here.

And we keep adding more literally every week. We are adding new content for you. So it's worth stopping in a at least once a week to see, some of the cool stuff that we have added and continue to add the special reports. These are actual 1000 to 3000 words, special reports on deck, on specific topics, like how to find time to write.

Why you should create an author's page, how to promote products related to your books, merge merchandise, etc. And we keep adding these every single week. So I hope that this gives you some idea of what's available to you. If you haven't been in here, just just jump in, do a topic based keyword search, or if you're just getting started, this is the place to go.

So, was this helpful? Yeah. Sometimes it's hard for me to, we have so much in here and, we're adding, we're adding stuff, as I say it, new content every single week. And so there's always loads of new goodies in here for you. If a, if you haven't been here in a while, if that's the case, jump in. And every time we post new content, Blaine also leaves a post in the Apex Authors Facebook group.

I'm dropping the link and it will take you right to it. So that's a great way to stay in touch and up to speed with all the new trainings that we are, that we're adding here.

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