Training #300 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

On our 300th live training, we covered a hot seat for George Rogan's non-fiction book on bullying and answered questions from Linda Melnick, Carolina Thomas, Sophia Papadakes, Debbie Devetta, Richard Pearlman, and Molly Mcintyre.

We started out by providing an overview of the Apex Authors site for all of the new members, and then covered topics such as how to setup an author page for a pen name, how pen names affect taxes, whether it's better to use a pen name or your own name, the difference between Children's Book Formula and Apex Authors, how to access the Facebook Group, properly setting your title and subtitle syntax, choosing your target market, determining the sales potential for a specific niche or genre, optimizing your book description for both content and formatting, checking both the Kindle AND Paperback descriptions for formatting issues, how long Amazon will promote a book, how to train Amazon who to promote your book to, creating a list of comparable titles, relaunching a book, where to find the live training replays, determining the font size and type face in a book, choosing font colors, getting help from our support desk, and the schedule of trainings for the next couple of weeks.