Training #481 – Ask us Anything

We covered a lot of ground in this training!

First, here is the notable news from the last few weeks:

  • Will Wight's awesome promotion followed by losing every pre-order after hitting top 51st in the Kindle store.
  • The method for choosing your categories in KDP has been overhauled and you now have direct access to ask for the specific categories you want.
  • We are planning our next few months of trainings, and have put together a survey for upcoming trainings to prioritize the ones that people are most interested in.

We also covered quite a few questions:

  • Can you still choose 10 categories, or only 3? (Suzanne McQueen)
  • Is it better to pack keywords into KDP or just choose a single keyword per box? (Suzanne McQueen)
  • Can you provide an example of a packed keyword? (Bonnie Heidbrak)
  • Can you talk about Publisher Rocket? (Joanna T)
  • How likely are you lose your KDP account and what do you do? (Jonathon Bell)
  • How do I market a book as a first time author? (Oscar)
  • How do I create a BookBub author profile? (Oscar)
  • Should I create an audiobook for my children's book to launch with the Kindle and Paperback versions? (Larry Darnell)
  • Should I change the age range for later books in a series of kids books? (Suzanne McQueen)
  • What is ProWritingAid? (Jonathan Bell)
  • Is there a market for selling short non-fiction books under 12,000 words long? (Jill Johnson)