Training #120 – Selling Books in Other (Non-Amazon) Marketplaces

One disadvantage of selling your books exclusively at Amazon is that all of your eggs are in one basket…and if that proverbial basket gets dropped then you are going to have a big mess (and a complete loss of income) on your hands.

By choosing wide distribution, you make your book available for sale across many different retail storefronts. This not only means that you'll be able to weather the changing storm in the digital landscape better, but also that you'll have access to more customers, as there are many potential readers (even in English) who choose not to buy from Amazon or where Amazon is not as dominant of a market leader. There are even many countries where you can not purchase from Amazon at all!

In this training, we will discuss what some of those other marketplaces are that you can sell your books, how to access them, and how to prepare your books for wide distribution.