Training #144 – Using Pseudonyms (Pen Names) and Book Marketing with Mat Morris

Have you ever thought of publishing a book but don't want to do it under your own name? Or has it ever even occurred to you that you could sell your book under a name that isn't your own?

Mat Morris (which is a nickname of his own!) not only publishes under a pen name, but has gone to great efforts to keep that pen name completely anonymous to his real life self…so much so that not only does his family not know his pen name, but he's met people on the subway reading a book of his on their Kindle and didn't even tell them that it was his book!

Mat goes through this training and shows us not only why we might want to choose a pen name instead of using our real name, but how to go about doing so, and what to do if you need to go the extra steps to completely dissociate yourself from any public connection to your pen name.