Training #315 – Ask Us Anything

This training covered a lot of ground, despite some technical issues caused by our webinar service being overloaded and kicking Jay off for a few minutes!

We started out talking about different ways to collect leads from your books, which naturally transitioned to how to create giveaways for your newsletters and how to actually give them away. We also talked about author website hosting, licensing the different rights related to our books, translations, and ISBNs.

Our specific topics included:

  • A question from Alexander Valentine about what software to use to create landing pages for your books and to collect leads.
  • A question from Mary Ann Carl about how to create a free audio gift to give people to signup for your list.
  • A question from Karen Roberts about where to host our giveaway files.
  • A question from Karen Wolff about the difference between CBF and AA.
  • A demonstration of our Paint by Numbers software (included in both Apex Authors and Children's Book Formula.)
  • A question from Mary Ann Carl about selling merchandise based on our books.
  • A question from Faith Nelson about having an author website and whether to use Wix or WordPress or something else.
  • A question from D Michaels about whether there are any advantages to having an audiobook outside as a giveaway.
  • A question from Ila Scott-Ford about adding sound effects to an audiobook.
  • A question from Patrinka Crammond about tips on blogging for authors.
  • A suggestion from Mike Eastman about how to find topics for blog articles.
  • A question from Ila Scott-Ford about compensating others when licensing recipes, stories, etc.
  • A question from Mary Ann Carl about Spanish translations and whether the books should be separate or bilingual.
  • A question from Lorens Morris about whether you need to buy an ISBN if you use Draft2Digital.
  • A question from Colleen McCorkell about having dual bound books that you can flip upside down.
  • A question from Mike Eastman about how to get ISBN numbers from Amazon.
  • A question from Elizabeth Vom Dorp about licensing book titles.