Training #354 – Hot Seats

On this week's hot seats, we covered:

  • Matt O'Grady's hot seat for improving sales of his meditation and self-help non-fiction books.
  • Sandra Gonyier's question about how to add a free offer to an already existing book.
  • Alison McLean's question about how to get Amazon to recommend your book to their customers and how to get the right “also boughts” to populate.
  • Linda Zallen's question about how to get your book listed on a lock screen ad.
  • Donna Kim-Brand's question about the difference between ASIN and ISBN.
  • Faith Nelson's question for when or if to register your book with the Library of Congress.
  • Sandra Heard's hot seat for her religion & spirituality non-fiction book.
  • Keri Craike's followup hot seat for her children's puppy book and choosing appropriate categories.
  • Alison McLean's hot seat for how to get her book well positioned to relaunch her children's Christmas story.
  • Donna Kim-Brand's question about when to unpublish a book and why you may or may not want to.
  • Cindy Olsen's question about whether we can add links to already published books on Amazon at a later date.
  • Alison McLean's question about how to include a clickable link into a Kindle book.
  • Sandra Gonyier's question about whether it is better to start with a Kindle version or a print version of a book and whether you can relaunch different editions later.
  • Sophia Cambria's question writing about somebody in such a way as to not violate a gag order or get in trouble with libel.
  • Faith Nelson's question about running a free promotion for her KDP Select enrolled ebook.