Training #360 – Hot Seats

This jam-packed Hot Seats training covered a lot of ground, including:

  • Beverly Powers hot seat for her children's book on manners and pricing considerations for Kindle books.
  • Carol Slater's question about how long the 8 weeks of bonus trainings for Children's Book Formula members are available for new members.
  • Carrie Casey's hot seat for her children's animal science book and how to make the cover more appealing to it's target audience.
  • Sandra Gonyier, Brigitte Wilmd, and Eric Touzalin's questions about how authors get paid through Kindle Unlimited borrows.
  • Mary McLane's question about how to launch a book without a launch team.
  • Donna Schwontkowski's question about launching multiple books in a series at a time.
  • Carlene Szostak's question about how to add free coloring book pages as an offer in your book.
  • Carol Slater's question about why we recommend Dropbox for free giveaway file hosting.
  • Mary McLane's hot seat for her children's book.
  • Paul FitzGerald's question about how to get reviews from one marketplace to appear in another Amazon marketplace.
  • Phyllis Koch-Sheras's hot seat for her non-fiction relationship book.
  • Jolumaza Zaporta's question about how to change the categories that your book ranks in on Amazon.
  • Donna Schwontkowski's question about how to find the original agreements with publishers for books sold years ago.
  • Phyllis Koch-Shera's questions about targeting the right demographic for a children's book and whether to use her professional credentials in her author name on the cover.
  • Eddie Irvin's hot seat for his children's bear book.
  • Paul FitzGerald's question about widening or narrowing an age range or providing multiple age ranges for your children's book.
  • Carol Slater's question about whether you can target rhyming books to kids aged 6-8.