Training #452 – Thanksgiving Ask Us Anything (Websites and Audiobooks)

Happy Thanksgiving to all Apex Authors in the United States!

We had a jam-packed session this afternoon, answering questions about websites and audiobooks, among other things.

Specifically, we covered:

  • Vicki L's questions about using Click Funnels to create an email list and whether you need a landing page.
  • Susie's question about whether you need a website or if you can just use landing pages.
  • Vicki L's question on how to create an audio for your book and a fairly robust discussion on audiobook creation and pros and cons.
  • Chiwah Slater's question about whether Draft2Digital will sell picture books.
  • Eric Klassen's questions about moving print books from Ingram Spark to Draft2Digital and if they charge fees for updating your manuscript.
  • Susie's question about whether it makes sense to sell exclusively through Amazon or to use other retailers or distributors.
  • Donald's question about what the limits are for registering your copyight.
  • Susie's question about whether Amazon is the only Print on Demand company.
  • Vicki L's question about selling books at 99 cents.
  • Nadine's question about when the next library promotion will be.
  • Chiwah Slater's question about which genres are primarily in Kindle Unlimited.

Photo by Monstera