Training #372 – Ask us Anything

In this ask us anything training, we covered:

  • Maryann Maxson's question about how to format an illustrated children's book.
  • Sean McBriarty's question about where to find former Pop-Up Help Desk trainings.
  • Joanna Trelawny's question about how to manage a discount on your book for a BookBub Featured Deal.
  • Sean McBriarty's question about the best places to find illustrators for children's books.
  • Susanne Valla's question about how to find good keywords about your book.
  • Nancy Fox's question about how to find Health & Fitness Categories with Keyword Requirements.
  • Sean McBriarty's question about how Fiverr illustrators get paid.
  • Nancy Fox's question about the difference between Fiverr Seller Levels.
  • Donnita Parker's question about protecting upcoming books in a series.

Photo by Anthony Shkraba