Training #378 – Hot Seats & Kindle Vella

On this week's hot seats, we started out by discussing the latest content guidelines for the soon-to-be-launched Kindle Vella service, and then discussed:

  • Cindy Olsen's question about whether you can write non-fiction serials for Kindle Vella or only fiction.
  • Barbara McCollough's question about whether you can write children's fiction for Kindle Vella or only adult fiction.
  • Joanna Trelawny's hot seat for her second children's animal book and her book series.
  • Joanna Trelawny's question about whether she can upload a new cover file if she notices a typo on the back cover.
  • Steven Cohen's question about whether he can publish a children's book with only 17 pages.
  • Cecilia Simonis's question about whether we should typically use US or UK spelling.
  • Barbara McCollough's question about how to find information to trademark a character.
  • Julie Restivo Murphy's hot seat for her “Angry Badger” book cover options.
  • Susanne Valla's question about separating author names or combining them.
  • Linda Sappington's hot seat for her daughter's teenage kawaii coloring journal.
  • Mellanie Narinesingh and Steven Cohen's questions about how to create a print version of an illustrated children's book.
  • Jade Campbell's recommendation for some best practices for editing your books and book descriptions.